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Job Description



Job Description

Client Services Advocate

Reports to: Benefits Account Manager



Job Summary


The Client Services Advocate (CSA) position performs a range of service and support activities. Working with the Group Account Manager, the position’s functional requirements and accountabilities are to provide day-to-day support to the clients through performance of a specific set of administrative support activities.

Primary Responsibilities

1.   Handle all claim inquiries from clients and employees except those that warrant Account

Manager assistance.


2.   Perform eligibility services to include employee additions and terminations for selected employer groups.

3.   Coordinate all follow-ups with carriers and clients with regard to late premium notices, reinstatements and conversions.

4.   Update billing screens in the agency management system based on renewal information received from the Account Manager.

5.   Enter all contacts with clients as activities in our agency management system.6.   Purge and maintain existing files under guidance of Account Managers.

7.   Track receipt of first commission payments on new groups and carrier changes.

8.   Pull quarterly/monthly claims reports and deliver to producers.

9.   For clients required by DOL to file 5500’s – Coordinate the receipt of all 5500 from carriers.

10. Assist Account Manager and Producer in any marketing campaigns to include mass mailings or LEB newsletters.


11. Close out cancelled client files and prepare to send to off-site storage.

Primary Responsibilities - continued

12. Complete special marketing projects (i.e. PPO network disruption analysis and other network studies).

13. Assist and complete other tasks as directed by agency management

Volume Responsibility

• Support functions for clients.Job Accountability Measures

• Customer satisfaction

• Adherence to established procedures

• Timing

• Technical accuracy; attention to detail

• Positive professional attitude

• Proactive problem-solving• Effective communication

Personal and Organizational Development

• Set priorities and manage work flow to ensure efficient, timely and accurate processing of transactions and other responsibilities.

• Maintain a cordial and effective relationship with clients, co-workers, carriers, vendors and other business contacts.

• Keep informed regarding industry information, new product information, legislation, coverages and technology to continuously improve knowledge and performance.

• Interact with others effectively by utilizing good communications skills, cooperating purposefully and providing information and guidance, as needed, to achieve the business goals of the agency.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Georgia Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance Agent’s License. Can be procured post hire.

• Ability to consistently display a proactive, positive, customer focus and demonstrate a dedicated sense of urgency in serving their interests.

• Ability to communicate orally and in writing with others to explain and respond appropriately.

• Ability to understand written and oral communication, and interpret abstract information

• Development of knowledge of insurance products and usage; knowledge of insurance markets, insurance rating and underwriting procedures.

• Ability to utilize computer programs and understand functionality.Working Conditions

• High-pressured, fast-paced environment with significant telephone and personal disruption. Large number of multiple steps in complex system performed with accuracy and speed is essential to the successful completion of tasks.

This description is intended to describe the general level of work required by the person performing the work. This description is not intended as a contract and is subject to change. Any written contractual agreements supersede this job description. All requirements may be reasonably modified to accommodate physically or mentally challenged employees.

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